On this page, you can find XIMPEL templates (examples of XML playlists), for different kinds of purposes.

Usage: Download the latest XIMPEL application package on the Downloads page (or the workshop package, if you are following a workshop). Unzip the XIMPEL application into a folder of your choice (if needed, do the configuration for running XIMPEL). Then, download and save one of the template playlists (i.e. playlist.xml) into the same folder. Open the regular index.html to view it.

You can build upon these templates for your own projects. For instance, you can replace the images used in the menu, replace the background video, etc.

Selection menus

Selection menu with 4 items

Selection menu with 5 items

Selection menu with 6 items

Selection menu with 4 items (w/ swipe support)

Simple swipe screens

Advanced examples

Swipe screens (library map example)

Swipe screens (library map & background video example)