XIMPEL Overlay Creator (beta)

The Overlay Creator is a tool (in development, on the basis of Summer) which simplifies the creation and placement of overlays, and which can generate the corresponding XIMPEL code.

It can be used via this URL: http://ub-viz01.uio.no/ximpeloverlays/


  • First load an image (e.g. one of the backgrounds you have created and exported from Powerpoint, or a map)
  • Then, choose Add rectangle or Add circle to add overlays.
  • With one click you start drawing the overlay, the second click saves it
  • By clicking edit, you can edit overlays. Single-click to select it, or to delete it using the “delete” button on your keyboard. Double-click to set the text, the subject it will lead to, and the overlay color.
  • Finally, if you are finished, you can export the code, by clicking Generate XIMPEL code. Copy the resulting code to the right place in your playlist.

Note: the editor is still in development, so some things may not work yet.