New Master’s thesis on XIMPEL

Thesis cover Melvin RoestIn June, 2018, student¬†Melvin Roest submitted his Master’s thesis entitled “Exploring hypermedia in 2018 through the lens of XIMPEL – Implications on parallel media, frustration detection and choice”. In his thesis, written at VU University Amsterdam, Melvin did myriad experiments with the extension of XIMPEL for education and beyond. In this end, this led to six research explorations related to XIMPEL, focusing on integrating the terminal, parallel media playback, reimplementing XIMPEL in ReactJS, frustration and engagement detection, time scrubbing and other mechanisms for playback.

Some future areas of research indicated by Melvin include time scrubbing and multimedia, XIMPEL and the intersection of augmented & virtual reality, hypermedia & gamification, and more.¬†It is possible to read about Melvin’s explorations and conclusions in more detail in the thesis, available at Melvin’s site.


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