Syntax - iFrame mediatype

The iframe media type allows you to include external web content within your ximpel presentation.


							    <subject id="subject1">
							            <iframe url=""/>
This integrates the main English Wikipedia page into your XIMPEL application, i.e. Please note that some sites may not allow for displaying their content in an iframe; you can view error messages by right clicking on an element in the XIMPEL viewing pane, choosing 'inspect element' and going to the 'console'.

Positioning of the iframe

The x, y, width and height attributes can be used to position the iframe window at a certain spot within the presentation and force it to have a certain size. If you don't set any of these attributes then the iframe will take up the entire view area.

						<iframe id="AI0RTvlm0hw" x="200px" y="200px" width="400px" height="400" />

By setting the x and/or y attributes, the iframe will have an offset from the top-left of the view area. In that case if you don't specify a width or height attribute the iframe will will have a width and height equal to the view-area. This will cause part of the video to become invisble (because offset+view-area is bigger than the view-area). Usually you want to provide width/height attributes when using x and y offsets. By specifying the width and/or height attributes you can change the width and height that the iframe will have.

The x, y, width and height of the iframe are all based on a 1920x1080 resolution. So the visible area of the presentation lies between x=0 to x=1920 and y=0 to y=1080. Read more about the native XIMPEL resolution here.